“‘Full speed ahead!’ he ordered.  The men on the weather deck and inside the pilothouse held on as the powerful boat accelerated through the swells, sending torrents of seawater gushing over the bow.  Smartwood tossed his cigar aside and gripped a rail for balance.  He wanted to yell, “Yahoo!” but knew it would be undignified.  Instead, his face broke into a wide, open-mouthed grin as the salt wind and spray pounded his face.

It had been a long time since he’d cruised into battle on anything as small as David.  He felt as if he were Captain Ahab on a mad Nantucket sleigh ride.  The grin widened and his teeth gradually pulled back over his lips into a wolf-like snarl.

Why not?

He let out a yowl of animal pleasure, quickly swallowed by the wind.  Caught up in the excitement, unbidden, the assault teams assembled on the deck below joined in.  Soon the entire crew picked up the chorus, and the screaming engines of the cutter and the battle cries of its warriors combined as one as David charged into the fray.

Operation Recovered Honor had entered its next phase.”


The War of 1812 is long over.  The War of 2012 has just begun.

July 4, 2012.  Boston is under attack.  A trail of burning ships and downed jet aircraft litters the harbor.  A ruthless band of Iranian-backed terrorists has hijacked U.S.S. Constitution.  A former president of the United States, the current vice president, and the secretary of the Navy are onboard together with the ship’s crew and other hostages.

Unfortunately for the terrorists, so is Zach Colt.  And he’s spoiling for a fight.

Now it’s time to take “Old Ironsides” back.  Before she is destroyed and the terrorists’ final, devastating revenge is enacted on the City of Boston.

The question is ….  How do you recapture an 18th-Century warship — and sacred American icon — using 21st-Century weapons and tactics?


“A first-rate thriller.”  William Martin, best-selling author of The Lincoln Letter, The Lost Constitution, and other fine books.

“This is a fun read; it could easily be the premise for a feature film.  The author clearly knows the style and pace of modern international thrillers coupled with a milieu he knows and has researched well….  [I]t’s an adventure tale for nearly all ages.”  —  Judge, Writer’s Digest 21st Annual Self-Published Book Awards

“When Old Ironsides turns 215, the 200th anniversary of the War of 1812 and the Fourth of July all happen to fall within the same time frame….  Boston is poised to celebrate….  That is until a series of terrorist attacks strike the day of the big event.  The bombings and the firefight are only the beginning of what will turn out to be one of the most terrifying and harrowing days in American history….  There are not many authors who will take you inside the mind of a terrorist, but Urban takes us into the minds of three.  Not only that, he provides captivating details about the history of Old Ironsides, the military and his main characters….  I really enjoyed this book and will definitely be interested in finding any more by this author.”  —  Readers’ Favorite (5-Star Review)

“Zach Colt is featured in this contemporary thriller….  A terrorist with roots to the original Barbary pirates and his ruthless band have hijacked the USS Constitution….  The quandary for Zach – How do you recapture an 18th-Century warship … using 21st-Century weapons and tactics?  The answer is ingenious.  As thrillers go, this one benefits from an unusual setting … as well as a likable hero in Zach Colt, a combination of Bruce Willis and Batman, ….  I suspect Urban has the making of a … series that can be successful ….  A good read.”  –  6/13 Jack Quick, Stacey Alesi’s


Winner – Suspense/Thriller – 2013 Next Generation Indie Book Awards

Finalist – Fiction – Thriller – Terrorist – 2013 Readers’ Favorite Book Awards

There are some things in a man’s life that change him forever.  For some it’s combat.  For others it is the death of a loved one, severe illness, or the birth of a child.  For him, for Walt, and for the others, it had been the bloody events on a moonlit night on the Camino Real in the jungle of Panama. 

And what had begun that night had yet to end.”




Drake’s Coffin is the rousing adventure tale of a search for lost treasure in the jungle of Panama. It features rich history, exotic locales, fascinating characters, and rapid-fire action that will keep readers engrossed for hours on end.


“Urban’s debut novel [is] … fast-paced … real and intense … A coming-of-age story and thrilling adventure rolled into one.”  — Kirkus Reviews

Drake’s Coffin is a highly well-written … adventure story that is packed with violence and high-paced action…. [t]his is one thrilling, readable story that readers will love.  The plot proceeds with twists and turns, often unexpected, to the story’s end.  The characters  … are well-drawn and totally believable ….  Drake’s Coffin is a must read, to say the least!” — Readers Favorite

Twenty 5-Star Reviews on Amazon.


Finalist – Action/Adventure 2012 Next Generation Indie Book Awards

 Finalist – Best eBook Cover 2012 Global eBook Awards

Nominated – Best Thriller 2012 Global eBook Awards


El Draco’s Treasure is an action-packed adventure about the discovery of lost gold, silver and jewels in the jungle of Panama.

In 1573 the English explorer, pirate and favorite of Queen Elizabeth I, Sir Francis Drake, hijacked a Spanish mule train as it crossed the Camino Real in Panama, laden with the stolen wealth of the Inca Empire. Drake, known as El Draco to his enemies, buried the plunder in the jungle. Four hundred years later, a diverse band of teenage boys hikes across the Isthmus of Panama. Along the way, they befriend Choco Indians, confront the beauty and danger of the rainforest, encounter gruesome death, and find the legendary hoard. In their journey, some find self-knowledge, honor and courage. Others face heartbreak and unthinkable loss. Together, they become men.

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